November, 2010

Dept. of Justice Public Hearings on ADA Rules Impacting Golf Facilties

The Dept of Justice is holding public hearing and accepting written comments concerning proposed rules making on ADA issues that will impact potentially all golf facilities.  One of the issues is the possible mandating of golf facilities to have accessible golf cars on site for use by individuals with disabilities.  In addition, there are proposed rules that impact swimming pool operations, and lodging operations, along with other proposed rules not impacting our industry.

The next public hearing will be in Washington, DC on December 16th (which Steve Jubb of the PGA of America will be attending).  If possible, Steve needs any input from the Sections, Section members and from your constituency on these issues for that public hearing.  Please assist in gathering input by using the link below.

The December hearing will be followed by another public hearing on January 10th in San Francisco.  Written comments are accepted up to January 24, 2011.  Below is a link to the DOJ information.

The DOJ published an Advanced Notice of Proposed Rules Making  ANPRM

The following are questions posed about accessible golf cars.

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La Niña may reduce California water allocations

Despite an unusually wet October and weekend storms that deposited more than 10 feet of snow in parts of the Sierra Nevada, the state next year expects to deliver about one-quarter of the water requested by agencies that depend on the California Aqueduct, state hydrologists said Monday.

By definition the estimate is preliminary and certain to change as the rainy season wears on. But experts at the Department of Water Resources say that “strong” La Niña conditions are likely to offset this fall’s deluges.

“We’re off to a good start for this year’s precipitation … but La Niña could mean dry conditions later in the (water) year … especially in Southern California,” Department of Water Resources Director Mark Cowin said in a conference call with reporters.

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Should the grass always be greener on the course?

At a recent pre-tournament gathering at La Quinta Resort and Club, Davis Sezna made a simple case that less water should be used on golf courses in the Coachella Valley.

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La Quinta Resort & Club, PGA WEST Lauded as North America’s Top Golf Resort

LA QUINTA, Calif. – November 19, 2010 – Earning international recognition for an outstanding golf program and facilities, La Quinta Resort & Club and PGA WEST have been recognized as the “Golf Resort of the Year” for North America by the International Association of Golf Tour Operators (IAGTO), the global trade organization for the golf tourism industry.

The prestigious award – designed to distinguish and honor special destinations for their contributions to the golf travel market – was presented at the IAGTO Awards Gala Dinner, held on November 18 in Valencia, Spain, at the City of Arts and Science Complex.

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Committee completes draft for California delta conservation plan

McClatchy Newspapers

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — In a glassy conference room alongside a Sacramento River levee, a committee of 25 people struggled Thursday to do what Californians have never been able to do before: reach agreement on how to drink from the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta without killing it.

After meeting for four years and spending $140 million, the committee drafting the Bay Delta Conservation Plan aimed Thursday to complete a “Nov. 18 draft” of their progress so far. This odd name for the document reflects the enormous stakes in crafting a plan that meets two goals: restoring the delta ecosystem and building a pair of tunnels or canal to ferry its water elsewhere.

It is not the final draft that water agencies and the Schwarzenegger administration wanted by this date, nor even the “working draft” they were prepared to settle for. It is enough of a draft, however, to keep environmental groups and delta residents in the room.

“It is a snapshot in time on where we’ve gotten to date,” said Karen Scarborough, undersecretary of the state’s Natural Resources Agency and chair of the steering committee. “We are not at the top yet, but we are at a very broad, stable ledge.”

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Allen Wronowski elected 37th PGA President

The PGA Annual Meeting, the largest governance event for The PGA of America, was held this year in Boston. With the theme of “Your Future, Your PGA,” the 94th PGA Annual Meeting focused on the changing trends in our society and examined ways that PGA Professionals can be best prepared to grow the golf industry.

Allen Wronowski of Bel Air, Md., was elected The PGA’s 37th President, Ted Bishop of Franklin, Ind., was elected Vice President, and Derek Sprague of Malone, N.Y., was elected as the new Secretary.

See below links, which will help aid in your coverage of the 94th PGA Annual Meeting:
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2010 Inland Empire Cup Matches

As told by Jerry Crowell, PGA captain of the Professional team.

Before I tie a pretty little bow on this years Cup, I gotta tell you something that JUST happened on my way home from Victoria Club.  I stop by the AMPM to get a Slurpee (still wearing my PGA team outfit), I go up to the counter to pay for it and the guy behind the counter says to me, “Did you play golf today.”  I say, “ya.”  He says, “Did you play in the Pro-amateur tournament?”  I said, “Ya, for the pros.  Did you see it in the paper?”  He says, “Yes, did you guys come back and beat the amateurs?”  I said, “No, we lost again.”  He says, “Then the Slurpees on me, I like the PGA logo.”  THAT made my day!!  So I got a free Slurpee outta the deal this weekend anyways.

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SCPGA Event Calendar 2011

SCPGA Event Calendar 2011

This calendar is only temporary, and will be replaced by the normal BlueGolf calendar once events are finalized and ready for online registration.  Please check back here at in the near future to register online for tournaments.

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SCPGA loses a friend

It is with the utmost sadness that we inform you of the passing of PGA Professional, Doug Blanchard.

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Superintendent-Professional Results

Mallory/Belsagui take home the crown at the Superintendent-Professional Championship!
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